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One-Line Bio

Married, happy, working, scrapbooking mother of two, step-mother to two.


1. I love yellow and blue together.
2. I daydream too much.
3. I love otters and often sing about badgers (just ask Jenna).
4. I am so glad I'm a wife!
5. I shake and rock my legs to help me get to sleep.
6. I love poetry by Shel Silverstein.
7. I love the music of Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond and Karen Carpenter (the most magnificent female vocalist of all time).
8. The first drive in movie I remember going to was GREASE.
9. I cannot sleep without the sound of a fan or air conditioner.
10. I love Cherry slushies.
11. I collect rag dolls and sock monkies.
12. I've been to Europe.
13. I spent most summers during my childhood at camp (Circle Square and Menesetung)
14. I can still do round-off (or cartwheel) back-handsprings (it just doesn't look very pretty anymore) EDITED TO ADD - It's officially over (my gymnastics career - I can't do this any more).
15. I want more tattoos.
16. I love Grey's Anatomy.
17. I have seen Carrie Underwood in concert 4 times.
18. I look too young to have a daughter who has completed.
19. I was addicted to Cheerios mix but have now moved on to Snowman Crunch.
20. I detest doing my hair.
21. My favorite Subway sub is Turkey Breast.
22. I am afraid of sharks and fire.
23. I don't think I could ever go on a cruise (see number one fear in line above) but am going to try.
24. I love having a cell phone - iPhones rock.
25. I don't handle conflict very well.
26. I am absolutely insanely crazy about my children (although sometimes I forget to show it).
27. I like looking like my mother.
28. I love digital scrapbooking
29. I want to be buried under a tree when I've passed away.


photography, scrapbooking, antiques, golden retrievers, decorating, organizing, kittens, friends and family, camping and traveling.